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Rescue Remedy Workshop

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Tony Milner hosted an invaluable workshop on 29 November and showed the attendees how to turn a so-so painting into a masterpiece or a train-wreck, into a Grand Central Railway Station!

Artists brought their existing work and Tony's suggestions, tips, advice and practical guidance enabled artists to take their artwork to a higher level.

Here is one of many wonderful comments from the day. "Thank you for today. I've gone through my photos of my wee grandson and that photo was taken from the side and his face was squashed against his mum's arm. So yes, I can see the angle photos are taken on make all the difference and my perspective of taking the print, alternating it and turning it around completely threw me off. Pleased you helped me get it finished. I will be back to learn more. Thank you sooo much" Patricia Silcock

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