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Monthly Meeting

Meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of every month.

TIME: 7pm - 9pm

Kereru Room, Greenmeadows Community Centre,
491 Main Road Stoke (corner Songer Street)


7 PM WED, APRIL 5th, 2023

SPEAKER: Life Member: Tony Milner
Topic: Painting from Photographs

Guest speaker will be one of our life members, Tony Milner who will talk about the use of photos as references for art. Tony will cover the limitations and benefits of using photos as references, what to look for when taking a photo, how to recognise when your photo is a good one and how to make the most of the information in your photo.  

The have a look at Tony's incredible artwork, visit his website or facebook page:

A special theme for Show and Tell

You are invited to bring both the photo and the painting you completed based on the photo.   Please place both of these items on the tables at the front of the room so other members can take a closer look at the end of the meeting and be inspired and impressed. 

If you want feedback re an aspect of either your photo or painting, Tony is happy to provide an opinion on a one to one basis after his talk.  

Many thanks in advance for contributing to this display of photos and paintings. 

7 PM WED, March 1st, 2023

SPEAKER: Jo Kinross

Jo presented us with her story of developing and experimenting with sustainable art materials. In some of her most recent work, she has made botanical pigments for making watercolour and oil paints. Her talk was both entertaining and informative, particularly for artists interested in making their practices more sustainable.

Below are two examples of the works Jo has created and showed our Group. The first is a collage using Indigo paint and layering paper to give a landscape. The second is a book created using plant based inks and graphite.

Jo painting1.jpg
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