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The AGN's Annual Winter Exhibition Is Underway!

The Winter Exhibition's opening on Sunday 20 June was a great success and very well attended.

The exhibition is now in full swing at The Refinery Art Space in Hardy St and runs until July 3rd.

Exhibitions often look effortless, but on the contrary it is a huge amount of hard work!

On behalf of the committee and members, I would like to give a special thank you to the organiser, Emily Lake who has worked really hard planning the exhibition.

Emily spent countless hours thinking about the gallery space, how visitors are likely to travel around it and how to ensure each individual exhibiting member's work is showcased in the best possible way.

Thank you also to our committee who all helped with marketing, installation and the opening night.

Other special mentions goes to: Jacquelyne Lane for providing the gorgeous artwork in the gallery's main window. This will no doubt attract the attention of passersby!!! Last but not least, thank you to Tony Milner who helped with all the technical aspects.

Showcasing one's artwork in an exhibition can be a little bit daunting. Whilst exhibiting your pieces definitely opens up your art to a wider audience, there’s always the lingering worry of negative feedback. But it’s a risk worth taking. For emerging and established artists alike, the exposure is vital and is an important point of growth in your artistic development.

Please support fellow members and come and see their work!

I am confident this exhibition will inspire other members to get their applications in for the upcoming Small Art Works Exhibition from 2 to 31 August at Wall to Wall Art Gallery, 112 Bridge Street, Nelson. Application deadline is 9pm on 17 July.

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