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"The Digital Advantage"

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

On Wednesday 4 November 2020, guest speaker and Art Group Nelson committee member, Jacquelyn Lane, shared her knowledge with members on how digital technology can be applied in image making, mending image problems and reproduction.

The members learnt that digital technology can open up many opportunities for artists and that you do not have to be a technical expert to take advantage of what’s on offer.

Jacquelyn was supported by fellow committee member, Melina van Wyk who shared her experiences working with digital technology to create beautiful art and merchandise. Members learnt about various applications that can be downloaded onto their smart phones (some free!) and that lots of fun and learning can happen even if you do not have a computer.

Jacquelyn showed examples of the wide range of possibilities the digital world offers the artist and concluded a very informative talk with invaluable take-away fact sheets for all.

We look forward to hearing from our members; have you tried any of the tips shared? downloaded any applications and started something new?

Watch our 'News' space for future digital art workshops!!!

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