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Meet Our Members - Gary Gibbens

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Originally my interest in art began when, like all children I enjoyed art class at school, particularly outdoor sketching. Many years passed by without any further interest in the arts as being involved in multiple sports and raising a family took up all my time. Then in the sixties I was given two paintings as a gift in return for a favour I had done for a local institution. This re-ignited my interest in art and from there I joined up in the 1970s with the “Independent art society “ which was the original name for the current group, Art Nelson. The original group consisted of about a dozen members, Ian Findlay being the president. Ian being a proficient landscape painter applied to join the Suter and was turned down which led to him forming the Independent group. Since then I have enjoyed some success with work hanging in many countries. My proudest moment was presenting my painting of Mount Tasman to the Dutch Delegation on the unveiling of the Statue Abel Tasman and which now hangs in his towns council chambers.

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